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Customer Testimonials About TruXedo Products

  • Jim P Jim P Saint Clair, MO
    I bought my '05 Nissan Titan new. A tonneau cover was to be my first up fit. Being my first truck, I was unfamiliar with your products, but I did my research and you had a good reputation on the Titan forms so I got a Truxedo. After 12 years and 235,xxx miles, most of it out in the sun, it has proven to have been a great choice. It gets stowed and deployed often. So it might look a little rough around the edges these days, but it still functions perfectly. So when I got my new Titan, of course my first upgrade was a Truxedo. You have a great product.
  • William W. New York, NY
    Love the cover. Purchased the cover at www.realtruck.com and received it in 4 days. We were very impressed with how easy it was to install. Plus, my neighbor is a bit jealous as, my truxedo is so easy to open.
  • Will M. Will M. East Springfield, PA
    I want to thank you and all the members of Truxedo for the "AWESOME" Tonneau cover! The construction of the product is the best I have ever seen! I have seen others, but yours is the one that catches the eyes of others. I received comments at the Lake Erie Auto show a few weeks ago, and this past weekend someone saw the cover and said "Hey you got one of the nice covers!" Once again I want to thank you and your staff for a job well done.... Thank you! Sincerely, Will Miller
  • Tory C. Grand Forks, ND
    The Cover is great, it seals well, easy to install, and looks amazing. I am very happy with this purchase for the price and quality. Hint to truxedo : It would be nice to have logoed covers.
  • Tony M. Devon, Alberta, Canada
    Great Customer Service! The right side safety strap for my TruXedo Deuce on my 2007 new body style Silverado broke. I fired off an e-mail requesting help. Within days the help came with the necessary small parts being shipped to me. It would have been even faster had I remembered to provide my address. Your customer service exceeded my expectations and I am delighted! I would purchase a TruXedo without hesitation in the future.
  • Todd W. Wisconsin
    All I want to say is the TruXport cover I bought is the best out there. I looked at all other styles/brands and this one was the best hands down. It only took me about 45 minutes to install. I had a little problem with a part, but called customer service and they took care of everything instantly. I will never buy a different brand of tonneau cover and their customer service is second to none!
  • Todd K. Fergus Falls, MN
    I purchased the TruXedo Lo Pro QT at the same time I bought a 2007 Ford F-350. I live in Minnesota and go back and forth to the southwest, so my truck is exposed to extreme hot and cold temperatures. Through my travels the rear gasket has worn out and I lost one of the end caps. I contacted TruXedo, expecting to for the end caps and battle it out for the rear seal. Not only was it the simplest warranty item I've ever dealt with, but TruXedo sent me the end caps at no cost for the shipping or material. I can't say enough about their product and warranty. This is the only tonneau cover I will ever buy. Not sure if I'm more excited to get a new truck or the TruXedo. Thanks Kellie for the great service!
  • Todd B. Ardmore, OK
    I have not yet owned a Truxedo - but I sell several of them a month. Matter a fact - it is one of my most popular sellers. I would highly recommend this cover to ANYONE wanting the best tonneau cover in the business. We NEVER have to do any warranty work to these. They are great!
  • Terry C. Terry C. Arvada, CO
    This is why I love this cover...!!
  • T. Behrend Tuscola, TX
    I've owned my Original TruXedo for nearly 4 years. It has lived in -25 degree Wyoming to 105 degree Texas. It has stood up well and still looks like new. I open & close it almost daily in my business. The velcro loses it's “hook” after awhile, but TruXedo is true to it's guarantee, and always makes it good. Yes, I will buy from Truxedo again!
  • S. Wolff Appleton, WI
    I like the ease of operation (opening and closing) plus it makes my truck lood good!
  • S. Bair New Castle, PA
    This cover was incredibly easy to install. It only took me 20 minutes. The fit, finish, and looks are next to none. This is my second Truxedo. I wouldn't consider any other brand.
  • Russ T. New Hartford, IA
    I could find cheaper covers, but I am glad that I choose TruXedo. Pure quality, another example of you get what you pay for. Easy installation and easy to use. I love my TruXedo, thanks for making quality products.
  • Ronald L. Anacoco, LA
    This is an AWESOME product! We had a TruXedo Lo Pro QT cover on our 2008 Toyota Tundra SR5 and recently we were involved in an accident. During the accident the truck flipped over twice. The TruXedo cover stayed intact with everything remaining in the bed of the truck. We plan on purchasing a new cover for our new truck. This product is very easy to use and the install is very easy to follow with the detailed instructions. Thanks again for a great product.
  • Ron S. Virginia Beach, VA
    Had Truxedo Lo Pro Tonneau Cover installed on our 2008 Honda Ridgeline three years ago. The adhesive backing on the velcro strips started to fail and lose grip. (Particularly noticeable during summer months.) Contacted Truxedo, Inc by telephone per instructions from the installation dealer. A very helpful representative readily assisted me by advising that replacement parts would be sent free of charge to arrive within a week. Parts arrived as promised. Delighted to advise that the parts were essentially a retrofit kit that took about 45 minutes to install. The finished product was a vast improvement over the original equipment. Could not be more satisfied.
  • Ron H. Ron H. Mitchell, SD
    Great Customer Service! The Velco for our TruXedo on our 2001 Chevrolet S10 had worn out. We came to your Yankton plant and customer service asked for our model, make, and year of our pickup and shipped all to our home. Your customer service exceeded my expectations and I am delighted! I would purchase a TruXedo without hesitation in the future. Thank you so much.
  • Rob B. St. Petersburg, FL
    Of the six trucks and various bed covers I've owned in the past 40 years, my Lo Pro QT is absolutely the best I've owned. I've converted two of my friends to this same cover, since they've seen mine. The best of all worlds. Kudos to TruXedo, from the designers, manufacturing and customer service (you) and everyone in between, job well done, outstanding.
  • Rick A. Livonia, MI
    I love my TruXedo Lo Pro Tonneau cover that I have had on my 2004 F-150since I bought it! Recently the Velcro Strips wore out and after calling customer service a new Lo Pro cover arrived at my house without a warranty argument!! It was so refreshing to deal with Rachel, a friendly customer service voice!! Thank you once again TruXedo!! Your service was very impressive and your product is second to none!
  • Reginald Lithonia, GA
    The TruXport cover has been great. I needed replacements parts, so I called the authorized dealer and they advised me to contact TruXedo. I called them and they were great. The customer service of this company is immaculate. Order this product with confidence that you are getting a quality product and a company who will stand behind their product.
  • R. Mercik Enfield, CT
    The TruXport gives my truck a stylish finish.
  • Paul M. Foley, AL
    My son and I are delighted with your warranty service. He has a 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 and I have a 2005 Dodge Ram. I recently had a velcro problem with my TruXport tonneau. He told me that you had replaced his locking mechanism at no cost. I called and you took my information and sent replacement rails.

  • Ned M. Cambridge, IA
    Wow...Awesome customer service from both TruXedo and your Des Moines Dealer, Hawkeye Truck Equipment, 5800 2nd Ave, Des Moines Iowa. I went in and asked about having new Velcro strips put on my 10 year old TruXedo, fully expecting to pay for new Velcro and installation. The customer service person at Hawkeye told me that TruXedo would provide an entire new cover and they (Hawkeye) would install it. They could have sold me new Velcro and charged me to install it and I would never have known the difference. I have liked my TruXedo for over 10 years and I will recommend one to anyone who needs a truck cover. Hawkeye Truck is my new favorite place for anything they sell!
  • Nathan B. Nathan B. Thank you for being so calm and polite when I called with a question regarding the installation of my cover. I love the TruXedo cover and will continue to recommend it to friends and family. The company's customer service is amazing! Thank you again. You have gained a very loyal customer.
  • Morgan L. Port Dover, ON, Canada
    Great cover and easy installation! We had to hurry because we were going to set up for my sisters wedding and wanted the bed covered to protect a ton of wedding stuff. My dad and I got it installed and adjusted in under 15 minutes. Great product and the warranty cannot be beat! Also on the trip I have gone from 20mpg to 22mpg, but this is only the first 2 tanks of gas. I wont hesitate to buy another TruXedo product.
  • Mike Murphy Cypress, TX
    Easily the best bed cover on the market today!
  • Mike E. Edmonton, Alberta
    I’ve just finished installing my Lo Pro QT on a 2006 F-150. It was so easy! The cover does exactly what I want it to do and keeps my gear out of site and readily accessible. This is the second TruXedo I have bought, as the Original is still on my ‘97 F-150 and has passed its 10th birthday and is still working great. We have temperature swings from -40C to +40C and it works great! Outstanding product!
  • Mike & Leah M. Independence, MO.
    I bought the TruXedo Lo Pro QT for my 2006 F-350 Dually Crew Cab. I wanted something to protect anything I carried in the bed, but also the bed itself. I saw the cover at Chux Trucks and they told me about the life time warranty and how easy it is to use. I was convinced I found the cover for my truck. I like to spend my money on a good reliable product and with someone who will stand by their product, and this they do. The cover looks great with the low profile design. This cover is easy to use, easy to install and is well made. I am very pleased that I made the choice to get the TruXedo Lo Pro QT to protect all the supplies for the trailer and truck I am carrying in the bed. I will tell everyone I know that they must have this cover, made by TruXedo, on their trucks too. I give them a super big 5 rating and thank you for the time and quality you take in your products.
  • Mike Lakeland, FL
    I received my Lo Pro QT today and after installing it, I am very impressed. The fit and finish are great! It looks awesome. The installation was a breeze, especially without the need for tools. The only problem I had was that three end seals were missing from the rails. I called customer service, and was amazed at how fast I reached a live person, and also how accommodating they were to my needs. The seals are on their way in the mail. I am glad that I purchased a Truxedo Lo Pro QT, and look forward to many years of service from it. I'll recommend Truxedo to anyone who's looking to buy a tonneau cover for their truck.
  • Mark Y. Cheektowaga, NY
    I have had a TruXedo Lo Pro QT on my 2009 GMC Sierra for a few months. TruXedo has a superior product on their hands and the use of this tonneau cover is absolutely amazing. It is so easy to use and the install is very easy to follow with the detailed instructions. This cover is the best looking one I have seen on the road and carries a great warranty to back it up. Thank you for an outstanding product! TruXedo employees should have a smile on their face knowing that with a product like this, TruXedo will be around for many years to come. Thanks again and keep up the great workmanship!
  • Lee M. First thing, great price and super quality. Installation was simple and only took about 20 minutes from start to finish. Looks sharp! I would recommend a TruXedo TruXport to anyone.
  • Kurt L. Cheswick, PA
    This is my first truck and first bed cover. I bought it based mainly on how I will be using my bed and on the recommendations I found online. It seems like a really great cover and I like the lifetime warranty. The install was pretty easy - my 7-year old helped hold the rails while I bolted them in. We were don in 15 minutes. Nice job!
  • Keith B. Farmington Hills, MI
    I appreciate all of your help! It's people like you and your company who show superior customer service that make customers, like myself, glad we purchased your product. I will continue to purchase your products in the future.
  • K. Johnson Minneapolis, MN
    I have been using Truxedo covers for eight years and like the Great looks and best of all the dependable easy open and close in all weather conditions. Most recently put a New Deuce cover on my truck. This cover is GREAT!! Allows for easy entry to the front of the bed. I keep an under bed storage box just behind the cab and now I can get to my cargo even more quickly, close the front hatch and back on the road.
    Thank you Truxedo for making my truck look Great & Covering me up!!
  • Justin H. Florida
    I never write these testimonies, however, I have had a truxport for just under four years and the awesome customer service made me write this. It has been an amazing cover on my 2000 tundra, always works perfect and has never leaked. I have had my truck bed filled when I was moving home from college and we had a three day tropical storm.....not one drop of water was in the bed! In the past few months, the stitching around the outer edge started to dry rot and come apart, I called the customer support and they simply said take some pics and send us your truck info and they would send me a new cover. If that is not top notch customer and warranty support I don't know what is. Truxedo Definitely get a 5 star rating in my book.
  • Josh S. Josh S. Missoula, MT
    I have a 2004 Dodge Ram HD and have had the Truxedo Lo Pro QT on my truck for 4 years and I love it. It’s easy to use and it holds up to the Montana winters like a champ. I have no doubt that my next truck will have a TruXedo on it as well, but this time I’ll be looking at the Plus model so I can have the toolbox as well. I give my TruXedo a 5 only because that’s the highest rating you all allow.
  • Jon M. Moore, OK
    Truxedo Truxport 292301 for 2014 Nissan Frontier.
    It took longer to install because the Nissan Frontier has a narrow bulkhead. Truxedo developed special foam seals to prevent dust and water from entering the bed. The fit and quality was why I decided to buy from Truxedo. My son had one on a 2001 F-150, after 12 years it wasn’t faded or torn, and it still looked tight even after Oklahoma heat in summer and ice storms in the winter. I recommend this product and even had great success with the shipping.
  • John R. Dalton Gardens, ID
    A great cover. I am totally pleased with it and the company support.
  • John K. Round Rock, TX
    It is a rare day to find real customer service. This level of service clearly demonstrates that TruXedo really does stand behind their products and cares about their customers, even 6 years after the sale!
  • John K. John K. Cranston, RI
    Living in New England, we have all kinds of extreme weather from rain,snow,sleet to hot summers. This product stands up to the test, and passes with flying colors. The install and removal(when needed)of my TruXedo Low Pro Qt was as easy and quick. The life time, no B.S. warranty is a huge advantage,but once you open your new TruXedo box there is no doubt this is a quality accessory made with premium components. The styling adds to the look of my truck while not eliminating excess or usage of my bed. This cover has also improved my gas millage and the water proof seal is a major plus. The inside latch on the drivers side make security of my property a no brainier,as long as your tail gate locks. The tension adjustment allows for a smooth,ripple free cover that wont unlatch,blow off or never close again. For the money or any other excuse you may have, this is the best,top of the line soft roll-up tonneau cover on the market today. THANK YOU TRUXEDO !!!
  • John K. Columbia, IL
    Functionality, warranty and easy installation make this a great product. I also liked the fact that this product is not imported, but American made - for which I'm thankful. Does my heart good to own this quality product made for my American truck. You guys keep up the good work!
  • John Solon, IA
    Really enjoy the ease of use, quality, durability and the flexibility it provides for the use of my pickup bed. I've owned three of these on three different pickups and you just don't have to replace them. Customer service is friendly, prompt and wonderful too!
  • Jim Haward, CA
    Great product!! Superb fit and finish
  • Jeff H. Hopkinton, MA
    I had a TruXedo tonneau cover on my 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 for 6 years and was very satisfied with the quality, design, and durability. I just purchased a new Edge by TruXedo for my 2010 Dodge Ram 1500. It looks great and took only 30 minutes to install. I just wanted to commend you on manufacturing a great product! I recommend them to everyone I know.
  • Jason Bransford Cleburne, TX
    I would not buy any other brand. TruXport is the easiest and best looking cover for any truck.
  • Jan Mebane, NC
    I purchased the TruXedo Original cover in 2002 shortly after purchasing my truck. The cover works great, looks great and greatly increases the utility of my truck. That said, which is enough to recommend the purchase, but the best part of TruXedo is the customer service. Even after 5 years, a quick phone call to TruXedo resulted in them understanding what the problem was and sending me the parts to correct it.
    You have a customer for life and my first purchase when I buy my next truck will be a TruXedo cover!
  • James W. Morris, IL
    This is an excellent product and easy to install.
  • J. Leonard Charleston, IL
    I like the low profile design and automatic tension when closed. It looks great!!!
  • J. Kenney Colorado Springs, CO
    One of your ads stated install in less than 15 minutes. Well that is very true, it was 10 minutes and it fit perfect right out of the box.
  • Gregg G. I wanted to tell you that I just took a 3700 mile road trip to Florida and back. No problems and the cover stayed tight the entire trip. It was easy to install just 2 days before departing. Had a little rain but it did not leak at all. Upon my return I noticed I have a catalog from your company..... Now what do I need to buy?
  • Grant A. Mebane, NC
    The roll up design works great for my ATV on weekends, then quickly converts back to securely cover my work related equipment I haul during the week.
  • Gene D. Gene D. Farmingdale, NY
    I have never done this before; reviewed or recommended a product in my 52 years on this planet. Tent City on Long Island has a display for TruXport on the floor of their store. I did no homework, bought the cover on display and their recommendation. I have since put 55,000 miles on my 2010, F-150 and this TruXport cover is fantastic. I roll it up or down probably every other day. I own a sheet metal shop and throw a ton of metal into the bed almost every day. I was particularly concerned about rips and tears, but it has not happened ! Lucky, maybe , but this damn thing is tough. I was worried that the hook and loop was going to break down in a year, but it is as strong as the day I bought it. How do they do that!? I would definitely recommend this cover, although I don’t think I will buy another. This one will last forever!! Thank you for making a great product! Good Job!
  • Gary P. Gary P. Gallatin, TN
    I want to thank the Truxedo team for re-design of the clamps for my new Tundra Crewmax with tie down rails inside the bed. Not only did they design new clamps, but Kellie, Inside Sales kept me informed when they were available. The cover is EXCELLENT!
  • Garrett T. Holy cow! I bought my tonneau cover yesterday and I have angled my rear view mirror down so I can look at the cover while driving down the freeway. It was easy to install, it looks great, and best of all...I gained about 3mpg on freeway driving. I bought it for weather protection, but did not expect it to increase my fuel economy! I'll never own a truck without a TruXedo tonneau cover again!!
  • Eric M. Cincinnati, OH
    My father installed a TruXport on his 2003 Chevy Silverado. He drove it for 75,000 miles before I got the truck. He then got a 2008 Silverado and we installed a TruXport on that one as well. I'm still driving the 2003, which now has 130,000 miles on it, using the cover all the time and it still looks great. I just ordered another TruXport for my 2011 Silverado. Best cover on the market period!
  • Ed Ed Washington, DC
    Hands down the best cover for the money. I went from painful snaps to easy roll and after 3 years of use this cover still works with ease.
  • E. Walker Walkerton, IN
    The Lo-Profile QT sure looks good on my truck and easy to use. Thanks for a great product!
  • Dustin B. Malcolm, NE
    I wanted to thank you for your quick service and your organization's commitment to stand behind its product and warranty. I did not buy your product for any special reason other than I liked the low profile, but I can assure you I will not have another cover from another organization. I have already told many family members and several others where I work about how well you stood behind your product and how good it was to deal with an organization who didn't put you through a series of hoops. I will gladly repeat your organization's name and this story over and over again in hopes to send you all business that TruXedo deserve.
  • Douglas S. Hillsboro, IL
    The Deuce; Super Cover--Super Price--Very Functional!!!! Love it!!
  • Denny M. Dodgeville, WI
    Thank you very much for your great products and customer service! Every business talks customer service but it's really neat to see it in action. I have been in business for 32 years and customer service is everything to me and when your customer's know you are for real you get their business. Thanks again and of course, we will continue to sell your products.
  • Dennis T. Johnson Creek, WI
    It is hands down the best soft cover on the market. Made with quality materials and a lifetime warranty. So easy to use it's worth the extra money up front.
  • Dan F. Wyandotte, MI
    I have been extremely pleased with my investment and use of the tonneau cover for the last 6 years. Thanks for everything.
  • Dan C. Lemont, IL
    I have had several other brands of tonneau covers through the years with different makes of trucks. I have to say the quality and workmanship put into the TruXedo is second to none! The installation time was short and easy and with the low profile appearance, it looks TOTALLY AWESOME! It gives my Ford F-150 a whole new look. You have my total recommendation to all my buddies and anyone who may ask about my tonneau cover! Thank you! Keep up the great work!
  • Dale D. Spokane Valley, WA
    This is the greatest product. In the short month I've had my Lo Pro QT we've had a lot of snow and it's held up great. Works well in the cold and looks great on my truck. Best accessory I've purchased for my truck. Love it.
  • Conrad P. I bought a Truxedo Deuce for my 2010 Silverado with a 6.5' box. It replaced a retractable cover I had for several years. I watched a couple of installation and review videos before I bought it. The parts fit well together, sturdy design, and it was very straight forward to install. It is a quality cover and I would say probably the best soft cover you can buy. The front access is very helpful but for me I really liked the auto tensioner. Where I live the temperature varies widely from morning to night and I don't have to worry about a sagging or over stretched cover. If you lock your tailgate they can't open the cover from the rear, they could access the box from the front but I doubt anyone would ever do that. I highly recommend this cover.
  • Chris M. Chris M. Freehold, NJ
    I purchased both the TruXedo Lo Pro QT and the B-Light system for my 2008 Chevy Silverado 1500. I love the ease and convenience of both these quality products. The tonneau cover is sturdy and well built and the lights are bright and mount completely out of the way. They are easy to install and I could not be happier with the outcome. I highly recommend all TruXedo products!!! THANKS for GREAT products!!!
  • Chris L. Sinking Spring, PA
    Purchased the Truxedo Lopro for a 2010 Dodge Ram 1500. Install was simple, strait forward in less than 30 minutes. The fit is perfect, the look is factory finished, quality is obvious. Well crafted, well built, after exhausting research , we clearly made the right choice. I would personally guarantee higher than average satisfaction.
  • Chip M. Central Village, CT
    I'm happy with the integrity of the TruXedo Lo Pro. Fit and finish are a compliment, and add to the versatility of my truck.
  • Charlie P. Charlie P. Olathe, KS
    This is my second TruXport purchase. Great cover for the money. Easy to install, care for, operate and it looks good.
  • Chance R. Lubbock , TX
    Everything was simple to put on and it looks great. I love mine and think everyone should definently get one.
  • Brian S. Council Bluffs, IA
    I have a 2007 Toyota Tundra Crew Max Limited and I purchased the Truxedo Lo Pro QT with the truck. After 2 1/2 years, I had an issue with the cover and I was very disappointed with the way the dealer was going to resolve the issue. I contacted Truxedo directly and the customer service was outstanding, they replaced the entire cover and assisted me every step of the way. Kellie was very easy to work with and she listened to my concerns and made sure that I was completely satisfied with the final outcome. She made a very bad situation a positive one, and now I will be a customer for life and I have already referred 2 recent Tundra buyers because of my positive experience. It is employees like Kellie that will ensure a positive experience from the purchase of a tonneau cover to keep TruXedo as the top choice with a great company reputation. Thank you again.
  • Brian G. Dallas, GA
    I bought a regular snap-on tonneau cover less than a year ago. That was my first tonneau cover and I really didn't know what to look for. It turned out to be so difficult to extend and retract that I almost never used it.
    I also own a Chevy Avalanche which has a hard panel cover. This type of cover is better than the snap-on soft cover, but still quite inconvenient to install and remove.
    After some more research I purchased the TruXedo TruXport cover, and I am very pleased with it. The cover works as advertised. It really is as easy as the demonstration video.
    I haven't needed to call customer support yet, but I am pleased to read all the good reviews here.
    By the way, I have a snap-on tonneau cover that I'll sell real cheap...
  • Brent N. Sanford, MI
    First off it was sooo easy to install...and it looks GREAT!!! thanks to all at Truxedo, you all are the best!!
  • Brendan El Paso, TX
    Tool Box and Cover combined, looks awesome with great function.
  • Brad P. San Diego, CA
    What a pleasure it is dealing with TruXedo. Occasionally, companies step out of the normal by providing a customer service level that exceeds what is considered standard expectations. Today, on a smaller order, Michelle exceed my expectations by taking charge of a delayed order, PO#1916904, and expediting the shipment to deliver this Tonneau Cover on time.

    This is customer service at its best.
    Thank You, on behalf of AutoAnything, the customer involved, and myself.
  • Brad B. Brad B. Waterford, MI
    I have owned several TruXedo covers over the years. I just purchased a TruXport for my 2010 Ford F-150 Raptor pickup. It is by far the best buy on the market in this type of cover. I would highly suggest this product to anyone. The customer service and quality from TruXedo is why I keep coming back!!
  • Bob D. Gilbert, AZ
    New pickup and new TruXedo cover!! We are return customers and appreciate the service you gave us for our previous cover. We are loyal to TruXedo and encourage you to keep up the good work on product design!! Thanks for what you do!!
  • Billy W. Clarksville, VA
    I don't know what to say! It is very rare this day and time to receive service like this. To be honest I was just trying to find out how I could order a replacement part. I never received any paperwork regarding this product when I purchased my new truck, there for I didn't have any idea of what was covered under a warranty. I will register this product and will also tell everyone what fantastic service I received as well as what a superior product you make.
  • B. Hamel Akron, OH
    Nothing I have seen looks as good as a TruXedo cover!
  • Anjie W. Norwich, CT
    I just recently purchased the TruXedo Lo Pro QT for my 2008 Chevy Silverado 2500 and I have to say I love it!!! It looks real sharp and I absolutely love how easy it is for me to use, no fighting snaps and I can unroll it from one side. It was an easy install with no drilling holes in my truck and I can just as easily remove it if I need to take it off the truck for whatever reason, then just put it back- so easy. I recommend it to everyone. Best money I've spent by far.
  • Allen M. Poplar Bluff, MO
    Great!!!! Since I bought mine and had the dealer install it my mileage has gone up 1/2 to 1 mpg more due to the lack of drag on the back. Very useful if you carry anything at all.
  • Al W. Lamy, NM
    I traded my 1996 Ranger in on this F150 - the Ranger had an original Truxedo installed when it was new - the Ranger's body and the engine were wearing out but not not the Truxedo. Same is true with this F150 - even in the hot sun of New Mexico and the cold days in the mountains with snow, sleet and rain - the Truxedo continues to protect my SAR cargo. At least two of my SAR team members have seen it in action and have bought Truxedos for their trucks.
  • Aaron V. Waterloo, IL
    I just purchased the TruXedo Lo Pro QT for my 2004 F-250. It looks and works great. I had it installed in a half hour by myself. What a great product TruXedo has produced! My rating is a 5.
  • A. Solomon Brookline, NH
    Hands down the best cover for the money.
  •  Jay M. Jay M. Ainsworth, NE
    I purchased my TruXedo for my 2004 F-150 in 2004 and enjoyed it very much, when I traded the 04 for an 07 I kept the cover and used it again. Between the two trucks, I traveled over 150,000 miles and it was out in the weather most of the time. Now I have a 2011 F-150 and still using the same cover. As the photo will show it is excellent condition and still going strong. Thanks for such a great product I would give it a 10 star rating!
  •  Bob Z. Bob Z. Fenton, MI
    I ordered a 2007 GMC Classic Sierra and since I enjoyed my TruXedo so much on my 2005 V-10 4X4 Ford F-250 I decided to install a Lo Pro QT cover on my GMC as well. Easy installation, works awesome and looks great too. No question in my my mind I will never buy anything but a TruXedo cover, I am a customer for life. I would also like to mention I manage a very busy full service automotive repair facility and when asked I always recommend TruXedo!